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What Makes us Shine

we are the fastest growing solar installer in San Diego. We have programs designed for everyone and are willing work with you every step of the way. We are a BBB Accredited business and are currently servicing most of the southern california area.

What we do?

Offer you an alternative to big power.

We make the choice for solar an easy one

In Southern California we pay more for energy then any where else in America. With energy costs expected to rise 11-30% across the board, it makes sense to start generating your own power. We can help you make that a reality.

One of the best ways to improve the value of your house, since the invention of indoor plumbing

-- Zillow --

How It Works

All our solar systems let you generate your own electricity. You are immediately free of raising electricity costs, and start selling your excess power to your neighbors. It's no different from paying your regular utility bill, except its cheaper.

Here is our Step by Step Process

Meet with us

We schedule a free in home consultation with you and go over everything. Our packages sell themselves, we just help you pick the best option for you, and show you how much money you will save!

We Get To Work

We work with our designers and plan out your system, then file all the permits and take care of the inspections. You get to continue being awesome.


Once everything is ready, our professional installation team will hook up your new panels. Grab an Ice Tea and watch us do all the hard work!

We Make the switch

You are officially generating your own free, clean energy! Go watch your power meter spin backwards, or start planning what to do with all the money you are saving!

Monitor Your System

Thought all the excitement was over? Think again! We offer state of the art monitoring systems, so you can see your savings in real time! Track how much energy you are using, and show it off to all your friends!

Pat Yourself on the Back

You just turned your house into an environmentally, low emission, green energy machine! Everyone will think you are just awesome and you get our personal thanks for doing your part to stop global warming!

Are you ready to start a conversation?

Our Testimonials

  • I would highly recommend Total Solar Solutions to install solar on your house. They were straight forward with me on everything and they did what all they said they were going to do at a great price. From the representative coming out and showing us how much money we can save with the system to the install crew everything went great!

    John C. - San Diego, CA
  • I was interested in doing solar and I got several estimates and by far this company seemed to be the best so I went with them. The process went smooth and I liked how there solar design person put the panels where I wanted them to go on the west side of my roof and showed me how everything was going to be laid out. My permits from my city took awhile to get but the install went flawlessly. I am happy with the job this company did.

    Ryan J. - San Diego, CA
  • We shopped around to all the different companies that offer solar here in San Diego, and we landed on Total Solar Solutions for one simple reason - They gave us exactly what we wanted and worked around our time limitations. Me and my wife gladly recommended them to all our friends, and when asked for a testimonial, we were happy to oblige!

    Carl and Lisa M. - Carlsbad, CA
  • Switching to Solar was the smartest investment i've made in as long as I can remember. After SDG&E raised the rates last fall, I knew there had to be another way. Not only did Total Solar Solutions provide us with an excellent price, but the money I have saved on not having an electric bill in just the few months has allowed me to start saving for that dream vacation. Thank you Jim and Vince for helping us out!

    Eddie B. - Ramona, CA

Finance Programs


You've made the right decision looking into solar, now choose the smartest Way to Finance it! We work hard to ensure our programs are the most affordable, and provide many excellent financing options. Who knew that saving the environment could actually save you money?

We can show you all the ways to save money with Solar!

  • San Diego Union Tribune First Logo

    Union Tribune

    Utility bills will rise in September with approval of a four-year rate increase totaling more than $500 million for customers of San Diego Gas & Electric Co. A typical household will see monthly gas and electric bills rise about 11 percent to $132.02, up from $118.52, according to the California Public Utilities Commission. The company was granted a 7.6 percent revenue increase starting in 2012. The hike will be collected retroactively, so many bills will rise by more than that percentage to catch up. By a 5-0 vote, the utilities commission authorized an initial annual revenue increase for the utility company of $123 million, for a new total of $1.73 billion, for 2012. Subsequent annual increases of nearly 3 percent will be tied to the urban Consumer Price Index.

    Morgan Lee, May 9th 2013

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  • San Diego Union Tribune Second Logo

    Union Tribune

    San Diego Gas & Electric is seeking $808 million from customers to recover its investments in the recently retired San Onofre nuclear plant, the utility said Friday. The California Public Utilities Commission is evaluating the request, which includes some continued operational costs, with feedback from consumer advocates. The new revenue requests by SDG&E and Edison cover investments in the ill fated steam generator replacement project, previously estimated to cost customers $768.5 million. "Just as customers would see the benefit of assets that are still productive after fully depreciated (paid off), they should also be responsible for paying costs for assets that are retired early as long as those assets were operated prudently," SDG&E argued in testimony to the commission.

    Morgan Lee, Sept 6th 2013

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  • ABC 10 News San Digo Logo

    10 News San Diego

    The San Diego power utility that co-owns a recently shuttered nuclear power plant wants to recover its investments by collecting more than $800 million from customers. The California Public Utilities Commission is evaluating the request from San Diego Gas & Electric, which owns a 20 percent stake in the San Onofre power plant on Southern California's coast. San Onofre was initially shut down in 2012 after a small radiation leak led to the discovery of heavily damaged tubing in its virtually new steam generators. The plant was formally retired in June. A spokeswoman for the utility says it can shift funds so that customer rates would rise.

    10 News, Sept 7th 2013

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